Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Collar

I finally decided how I wanted to do the collar on my dress. I added the lace and let a bit hang off of the collar. The rest of the dress is done so as soon as I sew the lace onto the collar I'll finally be finished!

Also I originally order buttons from this website- Accessories of Old . I order some pearl buttons and waited and waited. By the 10 day after ordering and hearing nothing and receiving nothing, I tried to contact them. First I sent a message through their site and waited a day, sure they would respond soon. After waiting two days I looked up an email address on the website. I sent them an email explaining that I was extremely frustrated and the email bounced back. Then I checked the address and resent it, once again it bounced back. I searched the site for some other email and tried that one. It went through but I still didn't receive any response. I tried calling them and it didn't even ring, the phone was out of service. I found another phone number online to contact them that did actually ring but would go to voice mail then say the mailbox was full. I called that number numerous times and no one picked up.
As a warning to everyone else, do not order from this store! From some very few and scattered reviews it seems it was a shop but closed down and then operated from the website. I can only assume the store has closed down but they never took the website off.