Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simplicity 5418

I have quite a few patterns for blouses and I've been meaning to make some since I desperately need some blouses anyways. I started with this 1960 pattern Simplicity 5418. Its the same blue gingham as my apron dress I made last week, I have a lot of that fabric!
It is a little bit big for me its a size 16 and a 14 would have been better but I can always tuck it in and even not tucked in it doesn't look bad.

Tonight I went to a dance for country music. Everyone wears cowboy boots to it and I didn't have any dress I liked that went well with my boots, so last night I made Simplicity 2880 again in a cream fabric. I'm not sure exactly what kind of fabric it is. I'll post pictures next post!
It was really nice out today and the perfect temperature for this dress, though it does seem weird to be wearing a sundress in January, but that's Texas for you! Anyways I think in the summer I will definitely get a lot of use out of this dress, its a perfect simple sundress.

Friday, January 21, 2011

New York Pattern 1619

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This is my newest dress, I just put the final button and other hand sewing on today. Typically I haven't had the best experience with patterns such as these, but this one was wonderful! It was easy and the instructions were great!

It is the same blue gingham I used a while back for a dress. It's still too cold to wear this but I will definitely be wearing it all the time this summer!
The sleeves may possibly be my favorite part which is funny actually because I tend to avoid super ruffly 1940 dresses.
I love everything about this dress, I would definitely make it again sometime!

Simplicity 4578

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This is one of my favorite favorite patterns.. but only as a pattern.
Maybe the fabric was a bad pick for this dress, but I made this and it came out absolutely awful. I was unhappy with the fit, the style, and how it hung on me. The sleeves especially looked awful, so in an attempt to save this dress, I altered the bodice to make it a bit smaller and I took the sleeves off.

It's better now and wearable but definitely disappointing. I just love how it should in theory look from how the pattern looks. It just didn't look like that on me at all!

Simplicity 4718

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These two dresses are both from Simplicity 4718. The first one I made was the blue one and I made it a long time ago. I ran out of the blue fabric and so made the front of it white.
The Second time I made this dress I used all red fabric and did the square neckline and though its hard to see, this one has buttons going all the way down.

I made both pretty quickly and I use these just as house dresses mostly I clean in them, so I didn't spend too much on the detail of the dresses. Neither of them are hemmed.

Simplicity 2880

Dress side
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Back in the summer time around the fourth of July I talked about making a fourth of July dress. I made it out of Advance pattern 9209 unfortunately it came out awful. So I cut the dress up and used the fabric to make this dress. I absolutely love this dress!! I can't wait till the Fourth of July to wear this!
These aren't great pictures but I haven't been able to take pictures except from my phone lately.

My only trouble with the pattern was the point in the middle between the bust and the mid section piece. Other than that it was very easy and it fit perfectly!

Simplicity 4373

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I made this top probably back around September. It is Simplicity 4373 and I made a black full skirt to wear with it, inspired by the picture on the pattern.

I love the look of the red stripes with a black skirt!

Mccalls 6056

I've sewn a bunch of dresses lately but I am awful about keeping up with posts! Tonight I decided i would catch up on everything ive made in the last couple months and what i'm working on now.

This is Mccall's 6056.

It is dated from 1961. It's a quick and easy "Misses' Lounger". I had a cute purple cotton with flowers on it that was perfect for this pattern. I wouldn't have made a dress out of it but it's perfect for a house dress. This went together in maybe two days. Its comfy and I love it!