Saturday, August 21, 2010

19th Century Sandwich Bag

I'm in the process of finishing an 1860 dress I started a year ago. It's a very plain dress but I just kept pushing it aside but I'm finally determined to finish it because I'd like to wear it to an event in September. I finally finished embroidering a collar for it, I have pictures and will put them up.

On a side note, but still related to the 19th century, I found this somewhat pattern for a 19th century Sandwich Bag! I thought it was pretty funny to see they would make embroidered sandwich bags for their picnics! I almost want to make one for myself, though I have no idea what I would do with it lol. It came from Beeton's Book of Needlework, and here is what it said-

"Sandwich Case.

Materials: Strip of grey kid; strip of oil silk; 1 skein black silk; 1 skein red purse silk; 1 hank steel beads; steel button.

This case will be found very useful on the occasion of a journey or picnic, as it can be carried in the pocket without any inconvenience.

The case is made of a strip of grey kid, scalloped out at the edges. The words "Bon appetit," or "Good appetite," at will, are worked over it in overcast with black purse silk and steel beads, the scroll pattern in chain stitch with red silk. The back and front of the case are formed of the same strip, which is lined with oilskin, and to which narrow side-pieces are added to form the pocket. These pieces are lined and scalloped out in the same way as the back and front, and then the scallops of both sides are joined together, and worked round in button-hole stitch with purse silk.

The case is fastened down with a steel button.

If another colour is preferred, the sandwich case can be made of brown kid. The scroll pattern should then be worked in rich blue purse silk, and gold beads used for the letters, which should be embroidered as before in black silk. The edge may be worked in double overcast stitch in blue or black silk. A gold button must replace the steel when this alteration of colour is made."

Sandwich Case.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Simplicity 1620

Simplicity 1620 was finished about 2 weeks ago. I absolutely adore this dress. Its definitely my new favorite. I considered putting the collar but it came out too short for the

neckline and the fabric was too stiff and I decided against it. This was my first pattern that I made larger. It was a size 12 bust 30. I looked up directions and afterwards figured out I didn't do it right, but it came out well enough and it fits me. Other than the sizing and having to make it a little bigger the dress was relatively simple, nothing too complicated. I love the neckline of this dress. I will be making this again sometime, it's too bad summer is ending though!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hollywood 1025

I recently made Hollywood 1025. I found a pretty blue rayon fabric with flowers. When I got this pattern I just knew I had to use rayon for it. To me 1940 suits with peplums just have to be made with rayon. The hardest part of this pattern was the side insets. Im still not completely happy with how they turned out.

Monday, August 9, 2010

New dresses

I've been sewing a lot lately and have finished a rayon 1940 suit, a blue and white 1950 dress, and am currently finishing up a blue 1940 princess line dress. I will put pictures soon!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advance 4893

The finished dress!! Sorry that my face is cut out- a couple of weeks back i attempted to cut myself 1940 betty bangs and it went horribly wrong. So now i'm anxiously waiting for them to grow back out, and my hair looks terrible in pictures lol. Afterwards I added a belt to this dress but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.

These three pictures are of the bodice in the making. I almost left it plain but decided I liked the rickrack. It makes the two pieces stand out more, since it's intended to be two different colors ( as shown on the pattern )

This dress went together easily. I expected some problems with the two pieces on the the front of the bodice but it turned out not hard at all. I really love this fabric. It's comfy and now is my new favorite dress to wear! Especially now that I made a belt for it!

I finished this last week but I wanted to wait till I had pictures of it too put up :)

After I started Advance 9209. I have everything finished on it except for the buttons on the front. I'm just not too sure I like it anymore. I'm a little weary of wearing it outside the house lol, i suppose mostly because of the reaction from people i've shown it too. On the other hand, There's not much opportunity to wear a dress with little american hearts all over it besides the fourth of july, so I might as well finish it and wear it out.

I am also finishing a blouse I started a couple months back. I finished everything on it but the buttons, I stopped because I had once again made a pattern one size to big. I am going to take in the seams a little and finish the buttons. It buttons up the back and I desperately need a new white blouse so i am determined to make this one work.

And speaking of white blouses and the fourth of july, I absolutely adore and loveee the blouse from Wearing History. First the pattern is awesome, I really want to find that :) and it looks fantastic! It's not too much but its just enough to look great for a celebration. It makes me wish I had made a blouse for the fourth of July instead of a dress! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Sewing Circle

I just joined My Sewing Circle and added my first project! Im so excited I think this website is great! I love being able to organize the sewing projects im doing and also the patterns and fabrics. My username on it is just Danielle.

And also, I started Advance 4893. I have everything done but I need to add one more button, and I think i'm going to make a belt. For this pattern I was unsure if it would fit because its a size 14, and as I said in a previous post i've had a lot of difficulty with pattern sizing and things not fitting. I brought this darling strawberry plaid fabric that I absolutely love, but of course it wasn't on sale and I didn't want to use it and then have the dress not fit. So for the first time I actually made the whole bodice out of some old fabric first before starting with the actual fabric (I know there's a name for that but I can't for my life think of it right now). Anyways I know most people do that, i'm just horribly impatient so I was proud of myself for actually doing that this time! lol. It helped though and I'm so glad I did.

And coming up next i'm making a 4th of july dress. I have the cutest fabric for it! I'm thinking of using Simplicity 4379. Only because I haven't made it yet and I want too, i'm just not sure if
I dont want something less simple. It is more of a fun dress and for celebration and this pattern is very simple and plain. But most likely I think I will use the simplicity pattern. I haven't done a neckline like this before so it will be a new challenge!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Slips and Sweaters

Recently one of my good friend's grandmother was moving and found a bunch of old slips and sweaters and so my my friend gave them all to me. Im overjoyed and so excited to wear all these! They are the perfect length for my vintage dresses! I love the sweaters too. They fit me exactly and are both from 1950. They are 100% cashmere and from neiman marcus. Their wonderful and I cant wait for it to get cold so I can wear them :)

All the slips have beautiful trim! These are some pictures of my favorite slips. I love the lace on the brown and the embroidery on the pink.

Butterick 6582

I needed a quick and easy dress for summer, and one with no sleeves because its so hot here in Texas! So I started with Butterick 6582. It's a simple dress and didn't take long to finish. Although I think the neckline could have came out better. I didn't use a facing on the neckline pieces but only because the fabric I used was pretty stiff and I think I still got pretty much the same effect. I also took some good pictures! Bear with me though, I'm not the best photographer, hopefully I'll get better though :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

New Patterns!

This weekend I went to my favorite store for vintage patterns- Vintage Martini. They have a huge collection of vintage patterns and I love seeing them all. and right by it is an antique mall that had baskets and baskets of vintage patterns most for 99 cents. The only one I don't have a picture of is Anne Adams 4955.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Simplicity 4718

Ive just started Simplicity 4718 from 1943. Its a simple apron like dress.

I dont lovee the fabric im making it with but im trying to use up some of what i have. I would have preferred a blue fabric.
Here are some pictures of the beginnings of the top of the dress.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Layout!

Today I got around to changing the layout of the blog. I just didn't like the one before. I love this new one except I cant figure out how to get my heading in the middle of the pictures of the flowers.

And as for sewing, this is what im planning for the next couple weeks:

-Advance 9209: I know I want blue fabric I just need to find some I like for this dress
- Find some cute 1940 summery dress patterns to make for summer time
- Finish my cream 1860 dress that I've been working on for months and still haven't finished!
- and I want to buy this adorable 1940 suit pattern I found. Its one of those patterns that the illustration on the front is so perfect you want to make it exactly like the one on the cover same color and all!

And on a side note I found this wonderful 1940 dress pattern but it was sold out:(
It's a gorgeous dress though, the short sleeves are so pretty. I love the detail of the collar and waist too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1962 Prom Dress

This weekend is my prom and a month or two ago I found a beautiful Emma Domb dress. Its a peachy pink with coral accent at the top and waist. I absolutely love it. Its from 1962.
My only problem is finding shoes to go with it. I'm thinking gold but I just don't know.
I also have been researching 1960 hairstyles and makeup but I haven't found anything I like yet.

The finished dress!

Once again I failed to take good pictures of the dress lol. And of course Not one full picture with the shoes showing! But heres what I have! At least since I have a program in my pocket it gives an idea of what the pocket design looks like.

My next project I am determined to take pictures while making it and get a good full shot of it when im done!

The pattern was great to work with though. It went together fast and easily. The hardest part was probably getting the scallop design at the neck and shoulders to come out easily, and only because I haven't done scallops before. The directions explained it well and it didn't take long to figure out. I also didn't need to alter the pattern at all. It fit me really well, the only thing I did was shorten the hemline.

Edit: I took full length pictures! I even have the 1940 shoes on!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vogue 9729

I just brought 1940 Vogue pattern 9729.

So instead of combining the two different dresses like I was going to before I found this and I think it would be much cuter. I'm going to make it out of the black polka dot print most likely.

I also just brought a brown tannish pair of 1940 heels. They're in wonderful condition and fit perfectly and i'm in love with them. I was hoping to wear them with this dress so because of that I may make it in a different fabric then the black, although I do think this dress would look so great in a black polka dot.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Advance 9209

I just got Advance pattern 9209 in the mail today. I'm so excited to make it but I will have to wait till I get the right fabric for it. I want to do it in blue tones, thats all I know right now.

At the moment Im about to start a dress and Im trying to combine Butterick b4919 and b5209. I like the higher neckline of
4919 but I like the sleeves of 5209. The sleeves are also more appropriate for the event it is needed for. At the same time I wonder if the crisscross waist will look alright with the sleeves. I would also make the skirt less full more like 5209. So basically it would be 5209 with the criss crossed waist and higher neckline of 4919, but i'm not sure that will exactly work.

But we will see. I have a black cotton with small white polka dots on it that I plan to use for this dress.