Monday, February 23, 2015

Jade Skirt Review

Recently I received the Jade skirt to review from Paprika Patterns. I was super excited because I've been wanting a skirt just like this, with the folded fabric front and made out of stretch material but I also wanted it in a longer length and not super tight which is hard to find. So I was really happy to try this pattern out and get the kind of skirt that would be perfect for me! 

The skirt is lined which is nice and something I always like in a pattern so the insides look a little neater. There is an option for a zipper in the back which I didn't do because I figured my skirt was stretchy enough. It barely is, I probably should have done the zipper!

The front folds was definitely the hardest part, but there is a video explaining how to do it. I still ended up with some lumps in my folds and they aren't precise. But.. I also start to get impatient and don't want to fold a skirt a million times to get it precise. It's probably the most time consuming part of the pattern. It also would probably depend on which fabric you use to how hard it gets when making these folds. I used cotton interlock and I felt like I couldn't get the crisp folds she gets in her video. 

I ended up tacking down the folds in some parts because I didn't just take my time and and re fold till I had it right but oh well.

The back is just simple. 

Overall this is a great pattern if you are looking to make one of this skirt style! I made the midi version but it also comes in a short version. The skirt is a pretty quick sew, like I said the longest part being the folding in the front. She also gives lots of tutorials for if you'd like to lengthen it or whatever, which I always enjoy seeing from pattern designers!

  I think this particular folded design is really flattering on so many people which is why it's great to see it in a pattern and be able to make it in a way that fits each of us! I like black because it's versatile but this skirt in colors would be great too and the folds would be more distinguishable! 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Priscilla Dress Pictures

Here is the final finished Priscilla dress next to the original inspiration. I didn't get the grandma down exactly, but I figured my focus was recreating the pink dress anyways. 

The front 



Other side.