Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Corded Petticoat

I finished up the corded petticoat yesterday! It's definitely not the best one out there.... but it works  well enough.  The hem is kinda pretty uneven also...  but I tell myself it's okay and that the back can be a little bit longer than the front.

If I were to have the patience to make another, I would definitely want to do the sandwich method of placing the cord in between two pieces of fabric rather than tucking the cord into the fabric. I never do measure well enough and I think that's why it came out shorter on one side.

So next I'll probably get the apron finished up and then finally get the dress done.

On the side I'm working on knitting a quilt (or a counterpane) shown here on Ravelry  or here on the knitting wiki . I also like this one too though. The second shell one looks a bit easier than the leaf pattern but I couldn't find size 12 cotton, only 10 and the leaf one calls for 10 and the shell for 12.  I think I'll try the shell one anyways with the size 10 cotton.

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