Friday, June 25, 2010

My Sewing Circle

I just joined My Sewing Circle and added my first project! Im so excited I think this website is great! I love being able to organize the sewing projects im doing and also the patterns and fabrics. My username on it is just Danielle.

And also, I started Advance 4893. I have everything done but I need to add one more button, and I think i'm going to make a belt. For this pattern I was unsure if it would fit because its a size 14, and as I said in a previous post i've had a lot of difficulty with pattern sizing and things not fitting. I brought this darling strawberry plaid fabric that I absolutely love, but of course it wasn't on sale and I didn't want to use it and then have the dress not fit. So for the first time I actually made the whole bodice out of some old fabric first before starting with the actual fabric (I know there's a name for that but I can't for my life think of it right now). Anyways I know most people do that, i'm just horribly impatient so I was proud of myself for actually doing that this time! lol. It helped though and I'm so glad I did.

And coming up next i'm making a 4th of july dress. I have the cutest fabric for it! I'm thinking of using Simplicity 4379. Only because I haven't made it yet and I want too, i'm just not sure if
I dont want something less simple. It is more of a fun dress and for celebration and this pattern is very simple and plain. But most likely I think I will use the simplicity pattern. I haven't done a neckline like this before so it will be a new challenge!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Vintage Slips and Sweaters

Recently one of my good friend's grandmother was moving and found a bunch of old slips and sweaters and so my my friend gave them all to me. Im overjoyed and so excited to wear all these! They are the perfect length for my vintage dresses! I love the sweaters too. They fit me exactly and are both from 1950. They are 100% cashmere and from neiman marcus. Their wonderful and I cant wait for it to get cold so I can wear them :)

All the slips have beautiful trim! These are some pictures of my favorite slips. I love the lace on the brown and the embroidery on the pink.

Butterick 6582

I needed a quick and easy dress for summer, and one with no sleeves because its so hot here in Texas! So I started with Butterick 6582. It's a simple dress and didn't take long to finish. Although I think the neckline could have came out better. I didn't use a facing on the neckline pieces but only because the fabric I used was pretty stiff and I think I still got pretty much the same effect. I also took some good pictures! Bear with me though, I'm not the best photographer, hopefully I'll get better though :)