Thursday, July 1, 2010

Advance 4893

The finished dress!! Sorry that my face is cut out- a couple of weeks back i attempted to cut myself 1940 betty bangs and it went horribly wrong. So now i'm anxiously waiting for them to grow back out, and my hair looks terrible in pictures lol. Afterwards I added a belt to this dress but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of it.

These three pictures are of the bodice in the making. I almost left it plain but decided I liked the rickrack. It makes the two pieces stand out more, since it's intended to be two different colors ( as shown on the pattern )

This dress went together easily. I expected some problems with the two pieces on the the front of the bodice but it turned out not hard at all. I really love this fabric. It's comfy and now is my new favorite dress to wear! Especially now that I made a belt for it!

I finished this last week but I wanted to wait till I had pictures of it too put up :)

After I started Advance 9209. I have everything finished on it except for the buttons on the front. I'm just not too sure I like it anymore. I'm a little weary of wearing it outside the house lol, i suppose mostly because of the reaction from people i've shown it too. On the other hand, There's not much opportunity to wear a dress with little american hearts all over it besides the fourth of july, so I might as well finish it and wear it out.

I am also finishing a blouse I started a couple months back. I finished everything on it but the buttons, I stopped because I had once again made a pattern one size to big. I am going to take in the seams a little and finish the buttons. It buttons up the back and I desperately need a new white blouse so i am determined to make this one work.

And speaking of white blouses and the fourth of july, I absolutely adore and loveee the blouse from Wearing History. First the pattern is awesome, I really want to find that :) and it looks fantastic! It's not too much but its just enough to look great for a celebration. It makes me wish I had made a blouse for the fourth of July instead of a dress! :)

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