Friday, January 16, 2015

1915-1917 House Dress

I'm attempting a copy of this dress from "The Modern Priscilla" needlework magazine that was on the cover of February 1917. 
I'm pretty sure it's a house dress and I've found a couple of original patterns that look like they were elasticized at the waist? 
via CoPA
My main inspiration is this 1914 "Ladies house Dress with sleeve in wrist or elbow length" Syndicate Pattern #47978. Unfortunately it doesn't have the diagram of pattern pieces to go off of. But it has the elbow length sleeves and collar I want. 
via CoPA

There is also this 1916 Bungalow Apron (apron and house dresses seemed to have been similar? interchangeable?), which does show the pattern pieces and has that same type of waist, and the way the pattern pieces are, it must be elasticized. 

Here are two others that have the shorter sleeves and similar collars. They also have what looks to be a similar waistband. No pattern pieces but, some information about house dresses. Both pictures and info found at Witness 2 Fashion Blog

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  1. I love COPA! It's such a great resource. This looks like a very interesting project. I look forward to seeing your finished project and any information you share along the way. The clothes from the late 1910s aren't made often enough, I say. They're such an unusual blip in the progression of silhouettes into the 1920s.