Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday Update #5


Finally finished sewing and took pictures of my red and white 18th century outfit. It has a petticoat, stomacher, and jacket. Post about it here


Made a pattern for a short gown! 

One side seam, sleeve hem and bottom hem left till it's finished! 

Finally found a pattern I liked for an 18th century cap. No pictures because I've barely started on it but it is cut out and started! 


Another Wiksten tank done. post here

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Wiksten Tank

A while back I made two Wiksten tanks and have loved them!! You can see them here. I wear them all the time so when I found some super soft cotton fabric I knew it would be perfect for another tank! 

It's simple and fast so it's great to sew up in between working on other sewing projects! 

I actually accidentally sewed the two main pieces with the wrong side facing out, but with french seams in them I didn't want to take time to undo it. So I put the pocket right side out and I think it looks like it was meant to be that way, maybe! 

I sewed this up in a cotton but I did try one before in a stiffer quilting cotton and it didn't come out well. This tank is definitely meant for more drapey fabrics. 

Monday, September 9, 2013

18th Century Underthings

While taking pictures of the red dress, I finally got pictures of the rump padding I made. Plus, I just got around to putting the ties on it right before I took the pictures. 

Fabric: White cotton and some kind of stuffing I had on hand

Pattern: made my own based off of posts on The Dreamstress and Demode

Year: 18th century

Accuracy: I didn't hand sew the channels, because I wasn't sure if the size would work or fit me. I did sew it closed by hand with a whipstitch though. 

Here it is under the petticoat

Saturday, September 7, 2013

HSF: #18

HSF: #18, Re-make, Re-use, and Re-Fashion

This used to be a civil war dress I got a long time ago when I was interested in historical clothing but not sewing it yet. I wish I had taken a picture before I cut it to see how horribly inaccurate it was, but to get an idea, what I have left is the ruffle elastic neckline/sleeve thing that is off the shoulder.  I googled 'civil war dress' to try to find one that looked like it and couldn't find any that bad! Adding 'costume' found one though...

So that's an idea of what I started with. I actually used the same fabric to make a jacket for the HSF challenge Separates a few weeks back. For this challenge I used the remaining fabric to make an 18th century petticoat and matching stomacher. 

I'm not sure if I love the rounded stomacher, I think next time I'll try a pointed one and I think I want to try boning it next time so it has just a little more support to it. Also I got stingy on the fabric, cut the stomacher off center and refused to let myself take anymore from the skirt ( which of course I should have just re-made it, I ended up with more than enough from the skirt... oh well)

HSF #18
The Challenge: Re-make, Re-use, Re-Fashion

Fabric: Red and white cotton print

Pattern: none. I used these tutorials from here and here and here and here and there's even more out there. 

Year: 18th century. I'm trying more for around 1780

Notions: Thread 

How historically accurate is it? The stomacher was hand sewn and then I got lazy on the petticoat and machine sewed it because I didn't have much free time to work on it. 

Hours to complete: Not long, I did them both on different days though.

First worn: For pictures

Total cost: $0 

And now... here's the full outfit put together finally!

and a bonus cat picture. I tried to get a cute picture, he wasn't having it... 

Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Update #4

Obviously more work on the comforter, but a lot!! Although the blanket photographs badly, I'm getting really excited about it now that you can start to see the quilting in it. There's still soo much left though.... 

I finished the matching petticoat to my jacket! I promise better pictures than the skirt just hanging are coming, probably tomorrow. I'm excited to try it all on together!

That was all for sewing, but tonight and tomorrow I have a lot planned and hey, I made a Friday Update banner!