Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Layout!

Today I got around to changing the layout of the blog. I just didn't like the one before. I love this new one except I cant figure out how to get my heading in the middle of the pictures of the flowers.

And as for sewing, this is what im planning for the next couple weeks:

-Advance 9209: I know I want blue fabric I just need to find some I like for this dress
- Find some cute 1940 summery dress patterns to make for summer time
- Finish my cream 1860 dress that I've been working on for months and still haven't finished!
- and I want to buy this adorable 1940 suit pattern I found. Its one of those patterns that the illustration on the front is so perfect you want to make it exactly like the one on the cover same color and all!

And on a side note I found this wonderful 1940 dress pattern but it was sold out:(
It's a gorgeous dress though, the short sleeves are so pretty. I love the detail of the collar and waist too.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

1962 Prom Dress

This weekend is my prom and a month or two ago I found a beautiful Emma Domb dress. Its a peachy pink with coral accent at the top and waist. I absolutely love it. Its from 1962.
My only problem is finding shoes to go with it. I'm thinking gold but I just don't know.
I also have been researching 1960 hairstyles and makeup but I haven't found anything I like yet.

The finished dress!

Once again I failed to take good pictures of the dress lol. And of course Not one full picture with the shoes showing! But heres what I have! At least since I have a program in my pocket it gives an idea of what the pocket design looks like.

My next project I am determined to take pictures while making it and get a good full shot of it when im done!

The pattern was great to work with though. It went together fast and easily. The hardest part was probably getting the scallop design at the neck and shoulders to come out easily, and only because I haven't done scallops before. The directions explained it well and it didn't take long to figure out. I also didn't need to alter the pattern at all. It fit me really well, the only thing I did was shorten the hemline.

Edit: I took full length pictures! I even have the 1940 shoes on!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Vogue 9729

I just brought 1940 Vogue pattern 9729.

So instead of combining the two different dresses like I was going to before I found this and I think it would be much cuter. I'm going to make it out of the black polka dot print most likely.

I also just brought a brown tannish pair of 1940 heels. They're in wonderful condition and fit perfectly and i'm in love with them. I was hoping to wear them with this dress so because of that I may make it in a different fabric then the black, although I do think this dress would look so great in a black polka dot.