Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Snowy Picture

I randomly got an email from google+ the other day, and I never use google+ or really understand it but they told me I had a photo backed up and looked to see somehow falling snow was added to my picture!  I don't really know how it happened, but it's cool! So here's a bonus falling snow picture of my 1869 dress! 

Monday, December 16, 2013

1908 Transitional Corset

I finally completed my first corset and it's nowhere near perfect, the inside is a little bit of a mess and I I don't really have any desire to make another one anytime soon but I think I remember saying that about the first pair of stays I made too! I have to say though... for me at least, 18th century stays are SO much easier than making a corset!

1908 Transitional Corset

 It's a single layer of white cotton fabric that has a design in it but you would have to be up close to see it. I bound it with blue for a pop of color.

Since I've never made a corset before I actually used the front closing from an old 1860 one of mine I don't use anymore.

I may have also used the back lacing part of that corset because I don't have an eyelet puncher (or whatever those things are called!) which doesn't help improve the looks of it... but.. I couldn't justify buying one because I just don't ever have the need to punch metal eyelets.

So overall... I'm not exactly pleased with this, I'm almost a little embarrassed by it but I keep reminding myself it was the first corset I've ever made so it's okay if its slightly wrinkly and a little wonky in places. It does look better on though, and I think if I can get around to making some sort of chemise or whatever would typically go under it, it will look even better! 

Pattern is from this website. It's the second to last pattern on the list.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

1869 Tissot Dress

So I wanted to enter this dress into the American Duchess Christmas photo contest, but I somehow lost the pictures from when I wore it 2 or 3 years ago. With only a few days to enter and unable to find a good scenery for it, I missed the deadline. But with a winter storm down here in Texas I finally got some photos of the dress and in a snowy scenery!

So first... the comparison to the Tissot picture..
I made this one a few years ago and probably would have done it a little differently now because it doesn't quite get the 1869 shape. I also don't have the right skirt supports either. I do still love this dress, I think because I just love the red fabric I used! It's so soft and nice feeling. 

I preferred the skirts bustled up and unbuttoned in the front but I did get a picture with it buttoned and un-bustled. 

There is a small black fur muff to match the fur on the jacket. I considered making a large one because I still have this fur but... when looking at some fashion plates from 1869 they looked to be using smaller muffs. I'm thinking I'll use it to make an oversized 18th century muff. 

I also made a little hat to match from the same fabric. 

A  pug picture to complete the outfit