Friday, April 27, 2012

Vintage Nightgowns

This winter I realized I needed a warmer nightgown and since I'm usually really picky about nightgowns, I wanted to sew my own from a vintage pattern. I spent days searching online for different patterns to find one I liked and I bought a couple.
I bought two nightgown patterns, Advance 8488 and Simplicity 2646.  I made the Advance one first in a soft blue flannel. The pattern was easy and went together very quickly! It was missing the sleeve band though, and I had to make one of my own and for whatever reason I still haven't been able to get the measurement right and so the sleeves are a bit snug. Other than that I really love this pattern and I quickly made another in red. I didn't have as much red flannel so I made it in the shorter length. 
Now that it's getting warmer I would love to make this pattern in a soft cotton. It's the perfect nightgown for me and I could make twenty of them! 
The simplicity pattern though didn't come out nearly as well. I didn't like the sleeves or just the fit in general. I actually still haven't fully finished it still. Im trudging through finishing up the sleeve bands, the neckline, and buttons. I will finish it soon, but I wont make this pattern again! When I finally finish it I'll get some pictures of that one!

I did buy one other pattern, which are pants and a top and I suppose I will get to it eventually but probably not till next winter. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Finished Chenille blanket

I finished up the Chenille blanket I was making over the weekend. I meant to finish it almost two weeks ago and things came up, but I had the time this past Sunday and it's on my bed at school finally!

I rounded the corners on this blanket because I did it on the last and I liked it a lot. With this blanket though, I used the more silky blanket binding and first it was too bulky to fit around the round edges. So I cut it in half and that seemed to work better but it didn't look as nice as when I used the cotton binding.