Sunday, January 30, 2011

Simplicity 5418

I have quite a few patterns for blouses and I've been meaning to make some since I desperately need some blouses anyways. I started with this 1960 pattern Simplicity 5418. Its the same blue gingham as my apron dress I made last week, I have a lot of that fabric!
It is a little bit big for me its a size 16 and a 14 would have been better but I can always tuck it in and even not tucked in it doesn't look bad.

Tonight I went to a dance for country music. Everyone wears cowboy boots to it and I didn't have any dress I liked that went well with my boots, so last night I made Simplicity 2880 again in a cream fabric. I'm not sure exactly what kind of fabric it is. I'll post pictures next post!
It was really nice out today and the perfect temperature for this dress, though it does seem weird to be wearing a sundress in January, but that's Texas for you! Anyways I think in the summer I will definitely get a lot of use out of this dress, its a perfect simple sundress.

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