Monday, October 1, 2012

More about Dirndls

I did decide to make a new apron for my dirndl because I didn't like the length of the white one. My friend needed an apron to wear so it works out perfectly. I didn't end up using the blue plaid silk, I just couldn't bring myself to cut it. I have just enough to make a gorgeous 1860 dress out of it and I think it would be better suited.

But, I did have some fabric left over from the curtains I made. So, in true Sound of Music style, I'm using that for a new apron. It works out perfectly because I think the pink actually looks better with it and the design looks more like traditional dirndl apron fabrics.
I'm going to try to take more picture as I make up the apron.

And here is a photo of the dirndl actually on me! Though I really am still trying to find time to make a more traditional shirt (this is just a random shirt I have) before I go out of town Wednesday. But as you can see the apron is just a bit too short, at least in my opinion.
And on a side note, I feel like whenever I put pictures in Instagram I never can quite fit all of me in them....

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