Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Layout!

Today I got around to changing the layout of the blog. I just didn't like the one before. I love this new one except I cant figure out how to get my heading in the middle of the pictures of the flowers.

And as for sewing, this is what im planning for the next couple weeks:

-Advance 9209: I know I want blue fabric I just need to find some I like for this dress
- Find some cute 1940 summery dress patterns to make for summer time
- Finish my cream 1860 dress that I've been working on for months and still haven't finished!
- and I want to buy this adorable 1940 suit pattern I found. Its one of those patterns that the illustration on the front is so perfect you want to make it exactly like the one on the cover same color and all!

And on a side note I found this wonderful 1940 dress pattern but it was sold out:(
It's a gorgeous dress though, the short sleeves are so pretty. I love the detail of the collar and waist too.

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