Saturday, May 12, 2012

An Old Skirt made into a Sundress

 I bought this skirt a while back at an antique show and I absolutely loved the pattern and fabric of it but the waist was just a bit too small and made it uncomfortable to wear.

Since it's summer and it is a summery print, I thought i'd just cut it shorter and make a sundress out of it! I used one of my favorite sundress patterns Simplicity 2880. I've used this pattern three times before actually. 

Even with cutting the skirt there wasn't a ton of fabric to work with so I couldn't mess up at all.

The trickiest part of this pattern is the inverted v in the bodice. On my previous attempts at this it came out more rounded and even a little to the side.

This time I knew I had to get it right so I tried to search how to do an inverted V seam and the only thing that came up was this tutorial. It isn't the most detailed but it got the job done and I'd say my point on this dress came out much better!

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  1. This looks really cute, can't wait to see it finished!