Friday, July 13, 2012

Fourth of July!

I actually finished this dress a week or two before... and I just finally got around to posting it.

I used the Horrockses Fashion I mentioned in the last post. It actually wasn't the easiest pattern... maybe I made it harder for myself somehow but I couldn't figure out the sizing so I had to guess and cut one out and make a quick mock up of the top before I used my white fabric.

Once I had it figured out though it went together really quickly and it's a great sundress pattern. I'd like to try to make it as a strapless dress too. With just some boning I think it would work great. 

On the actual fourth though it was too hot to wear a sundress. I used an old bed sheet but it turned out heavier than I thought it would. 
I had a pair of shorts and based off of pictures I saw online I painted them using fabric paint. I love how they came out and I wore it with a blue gingham button up shirt.  One thing I didn't like is that the shorts are really stiff from the paint. I guess I thought since it was fabric paint it would blend into the fabric well. I would love to do this again but do the Texas flag instead!

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  1. I totally love your 4th July dress, the ribbons are so pretty.