Saturday, August 4, 2012


I move into my apartment next weekend and I've been busily trying to finish getting everything I need. First I need a curtain for my closet because while there's a doorframe there isn't actually a door. I found this adorable pink linen fabric with little embroidered bows on it. I plan on using one of those curtain rods that just kinda fits into the doorway so making the curtain was really simple. I just turned it over, left some room at the top for a little ruffle, and stitched two lines to make a pocket for the rod to go through.

Here it is hanging by a rod over my current
closet and theres a door in the way so it's hanging at an angle, but it gives the idea of how it looks! The only thing left to do is cut and hem it. I'll have a good amount of fabric left over and I'm thinking of making some cute matching pillows!

My second curtain is for the window of my bedroom. For whatever reason I never realized how small it was width wise. I knew the measurements but it just didn't sink it until I put in outline of the window on the carpet to figure out how I wanted to do the curtains. I think it may be too small to do two panels which was my original plan.

The second picture is an idea I got from this picture on Better Homes and Garden

I love this design, it's so cute! But i'm not sure if I could make it to where it could be lowered and while there are blinds already on the window, I'd still like to be able to shut my curtains. I really don't have much time left so I'll probably just make two panels and if it's too much on the window I'll just use the one. 

My room "theme"/"colors" are blue and pink because that's what my bedspread colors are, so I'm trying to incorporate some blue into the curtains most likely through some bows!

Besides working on these curtains, I did finish a blue satin dress for a wedding coming up (but more so to match my new Seychelle shoes!), I found a great vintage bedspread and pillow cases for my apartment, and I've got some other sewing projects going on that I will be posting soon! 

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