Thursday, March 14, 2013


This spring break while I meant to work on some projects, I got distracted by quilting. I've never done much quilting before but I was inspired by Nana Company to make this beautiful quilt square with embroidery in the middle. I made it as a gift and loved making it so much I started work on a lap size quilt.

I also found a quilt book at the antique mall and a pattern for a 1940 quilted back rest!

I have such a long list of things I want to sew and I'd like to make a full size quilt sometime soon, but they just take so much time! I'm really excited about this back rest pillow! I'm assuming it's from 1940 because of the illustration style. I think this would be so pretty and practical. I'm always reading in bed but I can't stand those back rests you see all over today, something about those arms that extend out are just annoying. Anyways, I love the wedge shape and the quilted bow design! 

I did finish a green sun dress, but haven't taken any pictures yet! And... before the weekend is over I'd like to start and finish a simple 1970 wrap skirt. My problem has just been finding a fabric I like for it. 

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