Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The finished Pink Rose Dress!

I finally have some pictures of the Pink Rose dress! It's all done (except for buttons in the top pictures!) I did get someone to take my picture this time though, so it's not just hanging on a hanger!

I also finished up a pinner apron I started a while back which just needed the pieces to be sewn to the band.  I loved this blue plaid fabric but I didn't have enough of it for a dress so I just made an apron out of it.
Both pictures are shown with a hoop underneath
I think it's just my sewing, but while I am very happy with this dress I dont think I'd do the gathered bodice again. I think it looks kinda messy, maybe because the fabric is light so you cant see that it's a yoked bodice.
I like it so much better with the hoop but where I volunteer I'm portraying 1850 so I wear my corded petticoat which just doesn't give the same effect. Though I admit, I don't have my petticoat on in this picture (it would probably have helped a bit!) 

 I've heard such good reviews about those frixion pens lately that I had to try them myself! My marking pens always fade away and its frustrating especially when I'm sewing darts. I have to agree with everyone else they are amazing! I love that it's not a marker so you aren't getting a fat line and you can mark all over and the instant the iron hits it, it's gone! 

 I also ended up throwing together some long sleeves to attach to my dress and when I say throwing together... I really mean it. They came out pretty awful! But, I was volunteering this morning and it was  going to be cold and I was determined I'd wear my new dress this week.  They failed partly because I just made too tight a sleeve and partly (well mostly...) because I was literally using scraps of the fabric to conserve the whole squares I had in hopes of making a sundress out of those leftovers. sigh. 
So I got through this morning, but these sleeves are coming back off immediately! Since it is Texas, it's going to get very hot soon and I was always planning on using this as a summer dress.  This also gives me the excuse that I'm going to need to make another dress that has long sleeves!   

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  1. That's a stunning dress! I read that you even made the pattern yourself, you are very talented.