Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lavender Laundry Bags

Last year moving into my first apartment I wanted to be frugal where ever I could be and ended up making my own laundry detergent soap. There's tons of recipes out there but here's one similar to mine except I use a different soap. I refilled my small jar only twice during the whole school year.

I've also been using felted dryer balls I made, so I never had to buy dryer sheets. Similar to these on etsy. In an effort to try something new and to put more scent in my laundry I made some Lavender dryer bags. They took maybe 20 minutes total this afternoon to make- super quick and easy.

They are made out of linen so the scent can really come through easily. I made little bags but they're so easy to make they could be made in pretty much anyway you can imagine. Here's a basic tutorial that requires no sewing, just a drawstring bag.


  1. What a cute idea! I don't own a dryer but could use a few of these to repel moths.

    1. They would be great for that! Or tucked into stacks of sheets and towels so they always smell nice!