Thursday, June 27, 2013

1860 Sheer Dress

I'm about to start working on my sheer 1860 dress so that I'll be able to volunteer at the historical village near my school when fall comes around and being in Texas it will still be ridiculously hot! So a sheer dress will be perfect. I have some voile fabric and as soon as I get more of it I was planning on using that.

I would really like to try to stamp a design on the white fabric somehow. I haven't fully figured out what I'd like to do.

Secondly, I'd really like to make a swiss waist for it. I've mostly only seen swiss waists over a sheer top and contrasting or same as swiss waist fabric skirt but I've found a couple over a sheer or at least not a skirt top combo.


The second is actually a girl in Texas and a homespun dress. From what I take from it seems that someone could have very well used it over a sheer dress or any dress they wanted to dress up or change a little bit

From an Ebay auction a while back
The last I found on Ebay quite a while back and it's what really made me want to make a swiss waist!

As for sheer dress inspiration I've kind of got some ideas for it but I think it may just be pretty basic so I can add things to it like the swiss waist. I keep thinking I should make short sleeves but I already have the pink one...

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