Saturday, September 7, 2013

HSF: #18

HSF: #18, Re-make, Re-use, and Re-Fashion

This used to be a civil war dress I got a long time ago when I was interested in historical clothing but not sewing it yet. I wish I had taken a picture before I cut it to see how horribly inaccurate it was, but to get an idea, what I have left is the ruffle elastic neckline/sleeve thing that is off the shoulder.  I googled 'civil war dress' to try to find one that looked like it and couldn't find any that bad! Adding 'costume' found one though...

So that's an idea of what I started with. I actually used the same fabric to make a jacket for the HSF challenge Separates a few weeks back. For this challenge I used the remaining fabric to make an 18th century petticoat and matching stomacher. 

I'm not sure if I love the rounded stomacher, I think next time I'll try a pointed one and I think I want to try boning it next time so it has just a little more support to it. Also I got stingy on the fabric, cut the stomacher off center and refused to let myself take anymore from the skirt ( which of course I should have just re-made it, I ended up with more than enough from the skirt... oh well)

HSF #18
The Challenge: Re-make, Re-use, Re-Fashion

Fabric: Red and white cotton print

Pattern: none. I used these tutorials from here and here and here and here and there's even more out there. 

Year: 18th century. I'm trying more for around 1780

Notions: Thread 

How historically accurate is it? The stomacher was hand sewn and then I got lazy on the petticoat and machine sewed it because I didn't have much free time to work on it. 

Hours to complete: Not long, I did them both on different days though.

First worn: For pictures

Total cost: $0 

And now... here's the full outfit put together finally!

and a bonus cat picture. I tried to get a cute picture, he wasn't having it... 


  1. That's great fabric. I love the color of red. It doesn't look year 1860s to me, though, so I'm surprised to hear that's what it started as in life! It's a lovely remake.


    1. Thank you!! I know it really doesn't, I never remade it into a more accurate 1860 dress because the fabric just didn't seem right but I loved it for an 18th century dress!

  2. That was a pretty genius remake. At least the old costume was good for the fabric. The off-center on the stomacher actually doesn't show up so much in the photo of the complete outfit; the pattern on the fabric is so busy. If it's enough to still bug you, perhaps you could add some red lacing over the panel to further diffuse the situation.

    1. Thank you!! Your right, it is much harder to see the stomacher in the whole outfit! I've been thinking about adding some kind of lace or ribbon or something to decorate it but I couldn't decide if it would be too much with the busy pattern. Definitely something for a future quick project though!