Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Pink 1860 Dress New Pictures

I finished my pink 1860  dress a year ago but never really got great pictures of it! I've been trying to get better pictures of dresses I've made, for my portfolio, so this dress finally got it's turn!

I am absolutely incapable of not squinting my eyes in the sun so this was the very best shot of the front I could get!

Since I intended this dress to be more of a work dress when I volunteered, even though I love it with the hoop, I most often used it as an 1850 dress with a corded petticoat or none at all. With, of course my pinner apron.

I do still love those puff sleeves. They may possibly be my favorite sleeve ever. 

In the meantime, I've got a historical and a modern project in the works and hopefully will get pictures of another 18th century outfit this week!!


  1. ahhh this dress is so cute! i love itttttt
    ~good color!!~ post some more!

  2. Oh I love love love this dress! So gorgeous! The color looks like a peachy pink in this pictures?

    1. Thank you!! It does come off a little peachy in these, maybe from all the sun! In person it comes off more of an antique rose color!