Thursday, March 24, 2011

Graduation Dress

At my school for graduation, it's a tradition to wear white dresses. Most of the girls buy dresses from 4 or 5 styles the school has picked out that fit the standards but I wanted to make a dress so I could make something I really love and that is unique.

My inspiration came from a 1940 pattern, Advance 5341. I didn't have the pattern for this dress so I had to draft it. I changed it a little bit by taking off the sleeves and making the collar a little bit more off the shoulder. I also added the hemline from the style 1 to style 2. The skirt for my dress is also not bias like the pattern says to make it.

This is the bodice in the making.
The hemline of the dress the lace stops right above it and has a scalloped edge.

Right now the collar is plain but here I was playing with the idea of adding leftover beads that came from the lace. In this picture I have the scalloped trim from the lace possible going on the collar and maybe a piece of lace on the corner of the collar. I'm still deciding on this because I may want to do some embroidery in white thread and with beads in it.

Here is the finished dress put together. All that is left is the handsewing and to put the buttons on. I just ordered a card of 24 pearl buttons from 1940 that will line the back of the dress.
I am also thinking of adding the little pearl beads to the waistline. Now that the dress is all put together I almost wish I had put little sleeves on it. There's something about the neckline that I don't absolutely love. I've shown it to a 4 or 5 of my friends and they all said they don't like the collar and to take it off. So maybe that's what is making me a bit unsure of it. They also don't like vintage though. I really don't want to take the collar off just because honestly i'm tired of working on this dress and I think it would look way to plain especially without sleeves.
If I had time I could probably add some small sleeves but they'd have to be absolutely right for it. Once the collar has lace or embroidery or beads on it I think it may look better, so I'll probably get that done first than rethink adding sleeves.

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  1. Beautiful dress! Where did you get the lace?