Monday, March 28, 2011

Other News..

So I have a couple projects i'm working on at the moment. My first that I'm really excited about is my new Etsy Shop! I've wanted to start a vintage shop for a while but I finally got around too it!

This is a 1970's lounge dress/ house dress. The tag inside says it's from Neiman Marcus.
I just finished repairing a tear in the sleeve and now it's ready to go in the shop!

It's such a great 70's print and of course I love wrap dresses!
Lately I've been really interested in 1970s.

My other project is this "Snoozy Kitten" stuffed animal cat. It's either a 1950 or 1940 pattern. I found the pattern a while ago but it sold before I could buy it. I searched and searched for it and eventually found a reproduction of the pattern so I got it. The first one I made was for my friend. The picture is the cat not quite completed, there were still the ears to put on and other things!

Right now I'm working on another kitty for myself. It's in the same fabric as my friend so that ours are matching.

And in other news im still making progress on the graduation dress. I'm waiting on the buttons I ordered still. I'm frustrated because I order them 7 days ago now and i've heard nothing at all from them since the day I ordered them. I have to have it done by next friday so I'm a little nervous. Worst case though, I can do the beading or embroidery or whatever I decide for the collar later. The collar may not be done for the picture day but at least it would be done for graduation.

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