Monday, March 28, 2011

Simplicity 4203

I actually started this dress a while ago, I got some really pretty somewhat stretchy dark blue fabric and was really excited about it. I think it's a really great dress pattern. I love the bodice and the skirt on the dress. I also really liked the sleeves, i'm not really into super poofy sleeves and sometimes my 1940 dresses come out pretty poofy.

So I ran into trouble on this dress with the collar. I was making view one and I embroidered it. When I went to put the collar onto the dress I had the absolute worst time getting it to fit right and even still I ended up with the embroidery not entirely even on both sides. This was actually why I put the dress down for a while and didn't get to finishing it until two days ago.

I also originally had the longer sleeves but long sleeves never turn out very well for me, I definitely need more practice with some long sleeve dresses!
So I cut the sleeves and just made them short and they looked fine. I ultimately think I like them better short anyways.

It was a bit of a struggle to get through, but I'm glad I did! I really think i'll get a lot of use out of this dress!

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