Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I actually thought I had found all the books there were on historical costume at my school library two months ago, but when a title came up online and I searched it in the library catalog, I found so many more! I ended up in a section that was dark, cramped, and dusty; it definitely wasn't a high-traffic area. I did find a LOT of great books, books that I've seen other bloggers mention before and ones I hadn't heard of. I checked out a good amount of ones that had patterns in them, but there were so many more just information books about historical clothing that I want to look through too sometime!

I'm really excited about putting these books to use. I've been looking through them all day when I really should have been studying! lol!

I've got some great 1920 patterns and a lot of other era's too that I'm really excited about. I have a lot of 18th century books because lately I haven't been able to stop obsessing over the 18th century! I want to make everything! Unfortunately I still need to get a pair of stays done before I can start a petticoat or dress or anything, but I found some great patterns and instructions in some of these books so it's my next project.

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