Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Finished 18th Century Shift!

Finally, I settled in tonight and just made myself finish up the 18th century shift! It really is a pretty easy and simple sew and once I start hand sewing I actually do enjoy it... it's just getting myself to start is the problem! It's done and I'm happy with it and I'm excited to work on the stays next! (Side note: I actually have been really wanting to try more hand quilting lately since my pillow... I have some ideas in mind!)

Stitches used were backstitching and then a slanted hem stitch for the bottom hem, sleeve hems, and neckline hem. Then eyelets made at the neckline, and a cross-stitched monogram.

It's not the prettiest item of clothing... but it's the first thing I've completely hand sewn and it does make me feel more confident about moving into 18th century sewing. 

I wish I had tracked how many hours I spent on this, it would be interesting to see. 
My favorite part was making the little monogram at the top, it's white so it can't be seen unless you look closely, but I just love it! It's supposed to be "DD", I hope they look like D's! 

 I also made little eyelets for the string to go through. Originally I wasn't going to encase the neckline for a string since there wasn't that much fabric there to gather but I'm glad I did it. The little gathering it does have makes it fit better. 

So next in 18th century sewing I want to make stays, then I plan on a linen petticoat and the jacket from Costume Closeup

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