Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Updates #6

The last two weeks have been SO crazy with school midterms and papers and everything. I wasn't really able to get much done, hence no Friday updates. This week I finally started doing a little here and there so I have things to update on!


I finally picked up the cap and started it, and even though it's all hand sewn once you actually sit down and start working on it it comes together pretty quickly. This isn't done yet, still edges to be sewn and a ruffle for the front! 


The entire short gown and skirt are done!! Hopefully I'll get pictures up and a post about its construction this weekend! Not the most flattering gown though....


and... as usual the never-ending quilted satin comforter. I think I'm in my third month on this one and there is still so much left on it! I admit though I'm not very concentrated on it, just doing little bits at a time! 

I know I've been planning a sheer 1860 dress for forever, and I actually have yards and yards of fabric for it, but lately I have just loved sewing 18th century! I literally can't stop, I'm already trying to think of the next 18th century dress I'll make. I started historical sewing with the 1860's but I actually think I enjoy sewing 18th century clothing so much more. Not to say that I won't go back to the 1860's or another time era but not till I'm out of this 1780 mood! 

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