Sunday, March 18, 2012

First FBA!

Today I started working on Simplicity 2871. I wanted to make this pattern for the high waisted shorts and I was going to do them in denim like I said in my last post... but I just love the idea of bright colored pair of shorts with the top to compliment. So I found an adorable orange gingham and a bright solid orange for the shorts. Since I was going to make the whole outfit I just started with the order the directions give and the first thing on that is the bandeau type top which they call a bra. Since I told myself from now on I'm going to make muslins of everything I make I followed through with it and made one for the top! I'm glad I did because this would have came out way too small on top and I would have wasted my fabric and never been able to wear it! At the same time I realized I needed to do a FBA (full bust adjustment). This is my first try at the top, it fits the mannequin but not me at all!
I have never done a FBA though there's many dresses and tops I've made that didn't fit and probably could have benefited from one. I've seen the term pop up amongst other blogs but I guess really I was too scared to try it. Changing patterns always scares me. I really want this top to fit and be something I can wear a lot though so I found this tutorial and basically tried my best. It was hard since this isn't a typical shirt that you are adjusting. There is no arm to it so I placed lines where I thought would be best and I most likely did not do it right, but it worked and fit me so I'm happy!

My adjusted pattern piece and my second attempt at the top with the new adjustment to it.

After that I made a quick muslin of the top jacket part and it fit perfectly so I began to cut that out and I'm hoping to have the full top done tonight. With my coupons at Joann's I was able to buy enough fabric at a reasonable price to be able to do the top, the shorts, and the skirt! Originally I planned to not do the skirt but I'm glad I can now, I can't wait to wear the full outfit!

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