Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I'm Back!

I realize it's been ages since I've written on here. This year has been hard for me to get anything sewn. Living in a dorm I can't have my sewing machine here and I don't get much done on the weekends I go home.

At the moment though I am working on a Chenille blanket though it's going very slow since I only manage to sew a few lines on it each time I go home. I made one this past fall and it turned out great so I'm making a new one in pink and blue. I got the idea off of this blog- Aesthetic Nest. They are time consuming but they do turn out really beautiful! Plus, even if you make some mistakes it's very forgiving and they don't tend to show.

While I am at school I've been working on some knitting. I just started a 1940 turban hat that I found off of Ravelry. I'm still learning to knit, so I hope this comes out well!
Though it's not easy to sew at school, I've been stocking up on patterns! Spring Break is coming up and I'll have a whole week to work on my sewing! I'm definitely going to tackle some of the new patterns I have.

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