Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Shorts

I started out by lining these shorts because the fabric itself was pretty light and I figured I might as well just to be safe.
The shorts required two tucks in the front, I've never turned the tuck and sewn straight across the bottom at a 90 degree angle before though. I read this in the Colette Sewing Handbook. I'm not sure if it really made much of a difference but I feel like it is just one of those small details that makes it more secure and maybe just a little bit better looking! I really recommend this book, it has a lot of great tips and it's easy to understand with great pictures.

And here are the shorts!! They are a little oranger than I thought they would be... but the more I think about it the more I like them that color. I wanted to get them done and I didn't have any orange zippers
so I used yellow and you really don't see it anyways. I really like these
shorts a lot. I would definitely make these again. Here is the bandeau top also, I added a little blue bow to the inside so that it was easier to tell what side is the outside. I still haven't added any buttons, I can't decide what buttons I like best there.
Right now I'm working some more on my second Chenille blanket. I wish I had some pictures of the first, but I gave it away as a gift. I'm working on this one right now. The main fabric is this pretty floral and I love it. For the three layers of flannel I did pinks and a blue.
I'm hoping to finish at least a corner of it tonight before I go back to school tomorrow!

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