Sunday, February 24, 2013

1860 Part 2

I didn't get as much time as I would have liked this weekend to work on the pink dress but I did get a good amount done! As of Sunday night...

I finished the darted lining and started building the top fabric onto the lining and finished with an almost done bodice! Almost... there's still quite a lot to do. 

I did find an old collar I embroidered a while back for a different 1860 dress, it didn't fit though and has been sitting in my stash serving no purpose until now! The embroidery pattern is actually from a Godey's Ladies Book, though I can't remember what year. 

I made some piping for the armscyes with leftover yarn I used for my corded petticoat. 

And... I started my sleeves! I decided to go with puff sleeves. I have one just about done and one half done. I decided these were best since I look young enough to still get away with short sleeves and I really did like them. Starting the sleeves I actually had no idea where to even begin but thankfully I found this tutorial on one of the blogs I love to read, Romantic History! It helped so much! 
As of right now I think I'll have some leftover fabric so I may try to make some long sleeves that I can easily baste on and then take off when I just want short sleeves.  Somewhat like this... 
I have the skirt sewn together but I want to cartridge pleat it and still have to make the waist band and buttons. Lots of hand sewing so while I'm hoping I will be able to be done by Tuesday... most likely it will be a little longer!

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