Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Simplicity 8107

A while back I used Simplicity 8107 to make a dress for a christmas party. It was a dress up type party so I was trying to be a 'christmas tree', hence the green corduroy and gold trim.
I actually really liked this pattern a lot! I changed the neckline to a V because the rounded one looked odd on me, but that was simple to do! I also really liked that this was fully lined. I would definitely make this dress again, even in corduroy, though a different color I think. 

The few pictures I managed to take were just horrible but I found one that shows only some of the dress but does at least show the headband I made. My friend, who was a reindeer, mostly blocked the view of the dress but you can see the gold belt I put with it. Unfortunately I managed to have the cheesiest smile in the only good picture of the dress *sigh* 
The headband I made from just a plain gold headband and then I found a star and some gold sparkly twisty things that I used to hold the star on and twist around the headband. That was all I did for that. 

In other news: The Pink Rose 1860 dress is done! or just about... some last minute hand sewing adjustments and the hem and then it will be. Here's a sneak peak of that -


  1. Nothing wrong with a cheesy smile :) Lovely dress - like that it's a Summer or Winter dress and always like 70s outfits! x

    1. Thank you! :) I know, it's always great to find patterns that will work with lots of different fabrics and seasons!

  2. Both of these dresses look really cute and I would totally love to see more photos of you wearing them, the peach one looks like soo much work, and the puffy sleeves are awesome!