Friday, February 22, 2013

Seventeen 1946

A couple years ago, I found an old Seventeen magazine and ever since then when one comes up on eBay or somewhere else and it's not too expensive I snatch it up!  I love looking at them, they offer such a great insight into young fashions of the 40's and 50's and just about the teenage culture of the time. I thought I'd slowly start sharing photos of them on here, since you really can't find out much information about early seventeen magazines anywhere online except for their cover photos. It's too bad Seventeen doesn't post an archive of their old magazines from the 40's and 50's and even the 60's.

This is my newest Seventeen magazine, from April 1946! It's one of the earlier ones!

The Sleeves on this one!!!! So pretty!
I love the low cut back on this! 

Can Homemaking Really Be a Career?
This is one of my favorite things in this issue! Below it says "Homemaking is not just doing a series of dull things to make a living. It is living... filled with variety, exciting and challenging" by Margaret Mead
You'd never in your life see an article like this in the modern Seventeen magazine put out today! 

How Not To Get Another Prom Bid
And finally a funny article about what "not" to do on a prom date! From across top row to bottom row says:
- Display your talents long and loud, it makes your date ashamed and cowed
- Too many frills, small bows and lace will make Tom turn away his face
- Big books and words denote a brain all beaux will fear to date again
-A lipsticked shirt makes Jackie blush- The culprit will not get a rush
- Go in for gossip; smirk and chat, for no one likes a vicious cat!
- Eye all the stags; ignore your date (When he deserts you, call it Fate)
-If you would stay at home alone- Antagonize the chaperone!
- Wave both your arms and shout whoopee, then watch the startled stagline flee!

On a side note: I finally got around to updating the look of the blog a little! I made a new banner that actually fits! 

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