Wednesday, May 29, 2013

L.M Sewing

L.M Sewing!

I've recently been thinking about changing the name of this blog mostly because I do more sewing than just vintage clothing. I didn't think 'Vintage Bisou' encompassed the historical sewing, the home sewing, and the modern sewing I also put on this blog. So I've changed the name to L.M. Sewing. The link is also changed:

L.M. is for my great-great-grandmother Lillian May whose name I always wish I had instead of Danielle! 

I've got a somewhat new banner, I left the vintage girl on it though because I loved that part! On a side note, I hate making blog banners! It takes me forever to get the measurements right! 

And coming up very soon (as soon as I find the right fabric for it!) I plan to sew this cute 1970 skirt up! 

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