Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Updates #3

I spent most of the week working more on the quilt comforter but progress on that has been pretty slow too but I did find some great things for future sewing projects!


I finished up the bum pad thing though I feel like it's a bit too big. I don't have a real petticoat over it it's a sheer skirt leftover from a picked apart dress but it gives a kind of 18th century look and I was able to color over it to see what the jacket would look like with a red skirt! Anyways I'm considering making a smaller one.... 

The quilt doesn't look like much yet but hopefully it will look a lot better when it's done.

I went antiquing today and got some cute cat days of the week transfers for towels, a magazine from February 1917, The New Encyclopedia of Modern Sewing, and ton of pinkish red Taffeta( for $10!!!, definitely my most exciting find). I'm pretty sure Im going to use the taffeta for an 18th century gown since there's so much of it!  

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