Friday, August 9, 2013

Where I'm at Friday #1

So I thought I'd start a new thing "Where I'm at Friday" so when I don't have a finished project to post about I can at least stay updated with how my current projects are going! So here we go..

1. Started to work on making an 18th century cap. I only had sketches online of the shape the pattern pieces should be so it ended up the size of a baby's cap. But my pattern worked out so now I've just got to make it bigger and try again before actually hand sewing it and using my good fabric!

2. I haven't talked about my bedroom plans in a while. I've got half of my curtains up but still need to finish them! I've also finally decided on making up this bedspread in the same blue satiny fabric I made my quilted wedge pillow a while back. I'm going to make a bedskirt and shams and things to go with it. 

3. Added another magazine to my collection this week! I love the dress on the front, I'm thinking of making this, I already have a pattern with a back very similar! 

4. I finally picked this as my inspiration for my 1860 sheer! With blue ribbons instead of pink! 

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