Wednesday, January 8, 2014

1780 Zone Front Dress Part 2

I've discovered that to enter my dress I've got to turn it in by January 15!!! I'm a little nervous because I just ordered the fabric yesterday but I think most of the time consuming work will be in drafting and getting the pattern just right which I can be working on now. I do want to add trim to it but I'll have to see how much taffeta I have left over since I just got 4 yards. 

I did make the white silk petticoat!  
Simple and fast! Yay!!

It's shorter than any other petticoat I have but if I can convince myself to take apart my old 1860 ballgown of the same fabric I'd have enough to add a pleated ruffle to the bottom which would make it longer.

I made a second mockup of the bodice. Unfortunately I'm reaching the end of my old scraps pile and had to use a zebra print which means you can't really see the zone front, on the left at least.

I plan to make up a lining today in some scrap fabric just to make sure that fits fine and hopefully I'll have the actual linen lining cut out and started today too. 

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