Monday, January 6, 2014

Contest Dress

I'm making a dress for a contest due by February, and it needs to be within the time frame of 1780-1829. My first thought was to make another 18th century gown like the Patterns of Fashion, 1775-85 Snowshill Manor gown,  and use my moire fabric since I have so much of it but I have a few problems. 

                  The Original Plan (The faint zone front was added later when I began to think of doing one)

1. I feel like this dress is so easily early 1770's and because the date starts at 1780 and not 1770 I need to make something that definitely stands out as post 1780. 

2. I know moire fabric has been around since before the 18th century but I found the huge role of fabric I have from an antique store and I am no expert at fabric and couldn't tell you if it was moire silk or a synthetic. For this it's important that the fabric is accurate. 

I considered making something from the regency period but I already have the undergarments needed for the 18th century and I don't have a huge amount of time to start a new period from scratch. After looking at ton's of dresses I decided on a zone front, I'm hoping will look very 1780's-1790's. I also am going to go ahead and do long sleeves for it which I'm pretty nervous about. I have enough trouble with 18th century sleeves as it is! 

Since I don't feel 100% on the moire I'm pretty sure I'm going to go with new fabric, and I'm thinking a blue and pink color scheme. I've seen the color scheme in period paintings. I really love the idea of a belt and played with the idea of it being dark blue.  I also liked the idea of a lavender color with white contrast and a plum or dark purple belt.
Inspiration for colors via Pinterest so I don't have any info on what it's from :(

The trim for the petticoat I wanted to keep simple and was thinking something similar to this gown from The Kyoto Costume Institute. As for trim for the overskirt, I have no idea yet. I know I want to do something with it though! 

I'm actually leaning more towards the lavender color (the inspiration for the color came from the dress in Costume Close Up that is now faded to pink but used to be lavender). I did order the American Duchess Antoinette shoes in blue though... which makes me want to do blue so they can be worn together. I do know though, that matching things like shoes in the 18th century wasn't a concern so maybe they would be fine with a lavender dress. The color in the end may depend on what fabric I can find! 

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