Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas Table Runner

Before Christmas I watched, The Great British Sewing Bee Christmas special  and was inspired to make a christmas table runner as a gift. It was super easy, used up small bits of fabric and allowed for lots of creativity and options! I want to make more of these for all sorts of occasions and seasons! 

I kept this one pretty simple with just the presents, tree, and an ornament. I used a green glittery satin fabric to make it more festive though I think it would be better to use a cotton to get a crisper finish without the little wrinkles. 

The Presents are flannel and fleece fabric with different kinds of ribbons. The tree is the same green satin and the ornament is a cotton flannel. Both red backgrounds are flannel but the white is cotton, since the white has since wrinkled, even with ironing, I think next time I would back the cotton square with interfacing.

I would love to try making a longer one with four or even five squares and perhaps one time quilting the squares might make an interesting design. There is so much you can do with a table runner, anything you can cut out you can applique onto a square!

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