Sunday, January 19, 2014

The finished 1780 Zone Front Dress

I finished the 1780 gown this past Monday and I really meant to get pictures up sooner but as usual when you have a project that kind of takes over your life for almost a week I had to catch up on everything else.

All my inspiration and research is here, on my pinterest board for the dress. My hair is kind of a mess... I tried my best to get  a simple style with some height in the front but it didn't turn out well haha!

I didn't have time to add trim to it, but I'm thinking of going back to add it. My only concern about the trim is that when I added the small bit to the hat it frayed pretty horribly and I don't want to add it to the skirt and have the same thing happen.

I do really love how the dress came out. The silk purple lavender fabric was wonderful to work with I would recommend Renaissance Fabrics to anyone, especially if you want a fabric you know is accurate and 100% silk or whatever! I still just love the colors of the dress too, I'm so glad I went with purple and white instead of blue and pink!

I like the look of the skirt down but I love that it's so easy to loop up onto the buttons in the back if I want too! I also ended up using the purple velvet ribbon for the hat because as much as I really wanted a belt on the waist it just didn't look that great on me :( Maybe I'm too short waisted for it.

It's really pretty hard getting a picture with this hat on because it was at just the right angle to always cover my eyes.

There's perhaps a little too much wrinkling for me on the bodice and sleeves but I am pretty sure I've read somewhere that's pretty common to see in period paintings.

and without the handkerchief tucked at the neckline

... and a pug to complete the outfit 

Fabric: White Silk and Lavender Silk and linen lining

Pattern: self drafted

Year: 18th Century, 1780

How historically accurate is it? all hand sewn and accurate silk fabric and linen lining so I want to say it's really pretty accurate

Hours to complete: lots, a whole week of sewing any minute I could

First worn: for pictures


  1. Congratulations on finishing the project. That lavender is quite a lovely color!