Friday, January 17, 2014

HSF 2014 #1

HSF #1: Make Do and Mend

I really wanted a hat to go along with my silk 18th century dress so I took a horribly inaccurate old 1860 hat I made out of cardboard and covered in silk, and used the silk to cover a new straw hat! Well a blue straw placemat that I molded to become a straw hat! 

Yes that is the finished 1780 dress but I'm really really trying to keep up with the HSF challenges this year so since this one was due, I think two days ago, I wanted to get it up! Pictures of the complete dress are coming though! 

Completely inaccurate but to help make it a tiny bit more stiff I ironed on interfacing. It actually ironed on well too.

The Challenge: Make Do and Mend

Fabric: White Silk and Lavender Silk

Pattern: None

Year: 18th Century

Notions:Velvet ribbon, thread

How historically accurate is it? It's a straw placemat molded to a hat shape and covered with silk. I read somewhere that they did cover straw hats with silk but they probably weren't blue straw... The fabric is accurate and I hand stitched it all down. There is some interfacing in it though to make it a little stiffer.

Hours to complete: 2 maybe

First worn: for pictures

Total cost: $6 maybe, since the majority of it is the white silk from the old hat

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