Friday, June 21, 2013

Lucile Dress Mock-Up

I have attempted draping my first pattern! and the Lucile Dress is slowly coming along.


Besides figuring out a pattern for the bodice I've been trying to figure out how to attach the many different layers of the skirt. I've pinned some different layers and have come up with a plan.
Grey Fabric is just for the mock-up

I will attach the the white silk outer skirt to the bodice because that obviously looks attached. Then dealing with the three layers under that which look like a white scalloped skirt with a lace skirt over that has some kind of boning run through it's middle and then a lace sheer panel/apron that is on top in the immediate front. I considered attaching the lace apron to the bodice also but instead I'll attach it to what I am calling the petticoat now.

So I will start with a white cotton scalloped petticoat. On top of that will be the sheer layer with boning through it's middle. I want to do some kind of lace design like they have on it. I think I will attach it near the top of the petticoat but not too the waistband because my other concern is the waistband getting too bulky. Finally the apron will be attached. With the apron I am still not sure how I will attach it yet.
My design plan for this petticoat (apron not here). I tried to show it flat and then gathered into the skirt.

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