Friday, June 21, 2013

Secret Life of Bloggers 4

This week is the first week I got a picture for every single day! Yay! It helped that I had more to do this week than school work... I've got lots of sewing projects coming up and two of my classes end in the next week finally!   Check out the rest over at World Turn'd Upside Down

Friday June 14
Worked a little bit of sewing in on a doll dress and of course put the ruffle on backwards. But it's starting to come together and I love the pink and white together!

Saturday June 15
Went to the antique store nearby and picked up this pillowcase to add to my collection of pillowcases!

Sunday June 16
Finally made use of my big white board as a To Do list to organize my school work this week!

Monday June 17
Planning out how to sew and make the 1916 Lucile dress. I'm not really the best at sketching clothing but it works to get my ideas down!

Tuesday June 18
I found an old box of family photos in storage and am excited to go through them and put them with the  rest of my genealogy work! This is my great grandma Viola.

Wednesday June 19
Found my great grandma Carrie Mae's China from 1920 or earlier! They say Theodore Haviland from France on the bottom and I think it's some kind of dessert set. There's a teapot and tea cups and little plates, a sugar bowl, and a coffee pot with little coffee cups!

Thursday June 20
And the first mockup bodice of the 1916 Lucile dress! My first time draping a pattern and my next step this weekend is actually sewing the mock pieces together to see if the fit is still good! Draping it actually came out better than I expected. 

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