Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sewing for Dolls

I love sewing smaller clothes and using the scraps I have left to make them. I have a pinterest boards filled with vintage children's clothing I'd like to make someday! Since I don't have a child to sew for, I've been experimenting with sewing up doll clothing. It's different from normal sewing because it's SO small.  A while back I found a bunch of historical clothing patterns from the American Girl doll company so I've meant to use some of these to sew up some and maybe get good enough to sell them eventually!
The first one I tried out was the basic pattern for Kristen's dress. Besides closing with velcro the patterns are pretty accurate for a doll's clothing. I started with hand-sewing this but got impatient and started to machine sew which actually worked just fine. 

I think the patterns would be pretty easy to modify... which is something I'd like to try eventually. 

It was my first time really closing something with velcro so that was interesting mostly because I couldn't find a long skinny strip so had to cut some in half and it's in three pieces. 

It's a quick sew though, so it's nice to sew up "a whole outfit" in a relatively short time. I'm trying the other dress patterns so I'll have more to show soon!

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