Friday, June 14, 2013

Secret Life of Bloggers Post 3

Here's another week of posts! No internet issues this week, so it's on time! Go check out the others here! In my rush last week I didn't really get to say what a neat idea I think this is. By having to take a picture it makes me think about my day and document something of it with just a short sentence or two. I have a diary but it's something I don't write in as often as I'd like just because it takes time to write a lot, but the idea of just documenting the day with a sentence or two makes it so easy!

Check out the other ones over here

Oops I just realized I missed Saturday!

Sunday June 9
Bought paint to paint my nightstand blue!
Monday June 10
Started first day of learning Latin! 

Tuesday June 11
Lots and lots of studying for summer classes!

Wednesday June 12
Finished a t-shirt quilt for a friend's sister and a matching bow pillow!

Thursday June 13
Watching TLC bride shows with my best friend Cait!

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  1. Love the feet! My sister and I have probably watched one too many of those bride shows. :)